In addition to customised designs we produce the rich, well balanced FUSION collection. Fine perfumes unfold themselves unobtrusively in the room. Single or as a pair.

This is about the fusion of form, material, colour and fragrance. Hard meets soft, pastel is surrounded by strong black, flowery mingles with tart.

The neat round ceramic pot is surrounded by a plain black stearin square.The subsequent ceramic fillers are individually available in many colours and scents. The FUSION is often used for wellness and meditation areas. Very suitable also on sideboards for a subtle fragrance of spaces. Made of pure eco soy with essential oils. Scented candles are not suitable for people suffering from allergies or asthmatics.



At the fancy TRI PERFUME line three scent inserts made from pure soy wax can be lightened in the white wax Bowl of stearin.

Yellow stands for the floral, orange for the refreshing and red for the fruity fragrance. In the dark the coloured inserts glow beautifully through the pure white hand-crafted wax shell. The big and small TRI-CON concrete shells are suitable and can easily be combined.

We use the best ingredients for our scented candles. Certified eco soy wax from non genetically modified plants and fragrances from the probably most famous place for perfume in France. When scented candles cause sneeze and watery eyes instead of well-being, it might be an allergic reaction on the fragrances.


AMABIENTE designs, produces and distributs special taper candles, scented candles, object candles and matching chandeliers of the highest quality. Ever since AMABIENTE has manufactured their candle creations of sustainably grown raw materials with dedication to this artisanry. As a Swiss company with European manufactory, it is our goal to meet the world with more light.