Thanks to the high stability and hardness of the used wax, our candles differ significantly from others with its precise forms.


Not only the candle making requires great skills. Also in the metalworking of the candle holderwe pay attention to precision.

The chandeliers have there one use of forms: reduced to the minimum, extravagant, monumental or unobtrusive, multifunctional or stackable. There is a big diversity available.

Candles combine themselves with matching holders to holistic objects. We develop our products according to the well-known principle "form follows function", because candles are then best , when they light up!


AMABIENTE designs, produces and distributs special taper candles, scented candles, object candles and matching chandeliers of the highest quality. Ever since AMABIENTE has manufactured their candle creations of sustainably grown raw materials with dedication to this artisanry. As a Swiss company with European manufactory, it is our goal to meet the world with more light.