We use only vegetable waxes. Out of conviction we do not use waxes from petroleum derivatives (paraffin). We take all waxes from gene-free, controlled and sustainable cultivation, (RSPO Standard). The entire raw material procurement is monitored by international conventions and ensure and meet all the requirements of fair trade.


The organic colours are durable, colorfast, light-resistant and does not stain. We mainly use pigment colours. The Crystal or line structure accures according to the manufacturing. It gives each candle a unique look!

The wix are pure cotton, according to Oekotex-standard 100.



Our fragrances are composed in our studio with high quality fragrances from France.








We pour each Candle individually. This is one of the reasons why the textured surfaces of our candles are so beautiful.

We develop, construct and improve our equipment constantly to bring out the best results.

Experience, Feeling and enough time make the difference of simple machine candles to our hand-crafted object candles.


AMABIENTE designs, produces and distributs special taper candles, scented candles, object candles and matching chandeliers of the highest quality. Ever since AMABIENTE has manufactured their candle creations of sustainably grown raw materials with dedication to this artisanry. As a Swiss company with European manufactory, it is our goal to meet the world with more light.