About us

AMABIENTE is a factory that maintains the original candle making techniques. We create candles and chandeliers in old craftsmanship in contemporary design for the modern housekeeping and the spirit of the age.



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Who are we?

AMABIENTE's foundation stone was laid in 1989 when craftsmen in Austria pioneered the creation of special candle shapes from stearin (plant wax). The extraordinary candles were well received over the country’s frontiers. Soon an appropriate manufactory was built nearby, in the South of the Czech Republic. The AMABIENTE GmbH in the Switzerland was founded in 2003. Thus to professionalize this special artisanry and to develop a unique candle brand that is unparalleled. Then as now, the high-quality candles are made with much dedication and passion in original handicraft tradition.

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AMABIENTE designs, produces and distributs special taper candles, scented candles, object candles and matching chandeliers of the highest quality. Ever since AMABIENTE has manufactured their candle creations of sustainably grown raw materials with dedication to this artisanry. As a Swiss company with European manufactory, it is our goal to meet the world with more light.